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I am an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Prior to this, I received my PhD in Strategy  from London Business School. My research interests are in innovation and technology strategy, with an emphasis on corporate investment in scientific research and how the institutional and social contexts in which innovation takes place shape research decisions. My research has been presented at a variety venues, including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

My current research agenda seeks to answer a range of related questions:

  1. How can organizations best design incentives that attract scientists in academia to work on topics of interest to them?

  2. How are the different components of scientists' human capital used in corporate and academic research—and what are the implications for overall knowledge accumulation across settings?

  3. How do differences in firms' focus on scientific and inventive R&D lead them to make different strategic responses to knowledge spillovers?

  4. How can policymakers stimulate different actors to invest effort in previously neglected, but socially valuable, research areas?

  5. How do social values, such as tolerance and openness to diversity, affect individuals' creativity and innovation processes?

The main setting for my research is the life sciences industry where I use detailed data on scientific research projects to shed light on how firms and knowledge workers respond to incentives and opportunities in their environment to generate new ideas.

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