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Professor, Introduction to Management, Undergraduate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Designing and teaching the required introductory course for all business major and minor students. Introducing key concepts in strategy, organizational behaviour, leadership and entrepreneurship. Creating team activities to integrate insights from different managerial topics through project-based learning.

Professor, Business Policy & Strategy, Undergraduate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Teaching the capstone undergraduate course in strategy for BBA seniors seniors at the Isenberg Schoool of Management. Using tools of strategic analysis to understand external environments, firms' resources and business model choices, and value creation and capture. Buillding on these tools in teams to use strategic analysis to provide an overarching framework in which to understand, synthhesize and apply key tools from functional business courses.

Tutor, Developing Strategy for Value Creation, Executive Education, London Business School


Leading sessions re-capping core lecture themes and leading analysis of strategic challenge cases, pre-session online tutoring.

Teaching Assistant, Strategic Analysis, Masters in Management, London Business School


Teaching supplementary sessions re-capping core lecture themes, writing case for mid-term exam, grading, and other ad hoc duties.

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